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Upgrade your home – for comfort or profit.

In today’s unpredictable economy it can feel risky to commit to large investments such as a new home build. If you think you can work with what you’ve already got, renovating can be a fantastic option to either maximize your indoor liveability, or perhaps create an enhanced outdoor space. Alternatively, adding a suite or converting an existing space into secondary accommodation can generate helpful revenue for your family or portfolio.

Barrett Smith Construction has over 15 years’ of experience doing renovations and navigating the associated permitting process within all of the Greater Victoria municipalities (each with their own rules!). If you’re looking to make a change, we’d love to hear from you.

Interior Renovations

Example of an exterior renovation by BFS Construction Victoria BC

Exterior Renovations


We are proud to be a Licensed Residential Builder under the British Columbia Housing Management Commission. Our Residential Builder License number is #46758.

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Barrett Smith, owner of BFS Construction Victoria BC.


I’m Barrett Smith,  Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter (2003) and owner of Barrett Smith Construction. I’ve been working in construction in the Victoria area for over 20 years. My team and I are deeply committed to doing excellent work. We look for the highest quality materials to fit your budget and employ the best methods to get a job done. If we can deliver under our estimate, we do. We will always act in the best interest of your project.