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Change your kitchen, change your life. Your family probably spends more waking hours in your kitchen than in any other room in the house (have you noticed everyone gravitates there, regardless of whether you want them there or not?), so it’s worth investing in a kitchen that’s solid in both form and function. In addition to meeting all your needs as a growing family or budding amateur chef, renovating and modernizing your kitchen is also a great way to increase your home’s appeal to buyers. 

At Barrett Smith Construction, we love helping homeowners bring the kitchen of their dreams to life. We can open your kitchen up by removing walls, or adding skylights, we can build custom cabinets, or install new countertops, a new island or a bar if that’s what you want. If you’re on a budget, we can discuss how to incorporate prefabricated elements to save money, and we can also advise on where to economize (such as with light fixtures, certain flooring) and where it’s better to invest in quality (countertops, hardware).

If you’re interested in a higher-end custom chef’s kitchen, we can offer our expertise in materials, techniques and finishes to further elevate your space and deliver the “wow” factor. 

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