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Transforming Design Limitations

Architectural Concrete

Traditional construction materials often present limitations on design, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Over time, many structures made from such materials can show signs of wear, lack individuality, or require frequent maintenance. Architectural concrete is a great answer to these problems, bringing many benefits.

  • Design Versatility: Allows for a wide array of textures, shapes, and colours, enabling truly unique structures.

  • Durability: Its inherent strength and longevity mean less frequent repairs and replacements, saving time and costs.

  • Eco-friendly: Reduces the need for multiple construction materials and can often incorporate recycled components.

  • Low Maintenance: Architectural concrete is resistant to weathering, reducing the ongoing care requirements.

  • Cost-effective: Given its long lifespan and minimal maintenance, it offers great value over time.

Customer Reviews

Barrett Smith and his team recently built a wheelchair accessible cottage on our property…He has a first rate personable team and we were very pleased with their skills and their interactions with us…We had high expectations and are thoroughly delighted with the final results. We would highly recommend Barrett Smith and would not hesitate to use his services again.

John, North Saanich

Simple and accurate estimate. Very transparent billing. Excellent workers and sub contractors with great ethics and craftsmanship. We used for our kitchen and will be using for two more projects in the future.

Tom, Sidney

Barrett has done a few projects for us now. Including a new garage and two interior renovations. As well as some repair work. Always excellent work. He and his crew have always been professional and have made great efforts to make the building/renovation process enjoyable.
Highly recommended!!

Chris, Central Saanich

Our experience with Barrett Smith Construction Ltd. was first class, his employees were experienced, diligent and showed a good work ethic. He took us from bare earth to lock up in 5 months. There was no material waste, everything was used and nothing sent to the landfill. He had a good relationship with sub-contractors who all showed up on time when requested.Very happy with our home.

Barbara, North Saanich

Excellent communication from start to finish. Stayed within budget and finished in a timely fashion. Extremely happy with the finished product!

Christopher, North Saanich


We are proud to be a Licensed Residential Builder under the British Columbia Housing Management Commission. Our Residential Builder License number is #46758.

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Barrett Smith, owner of BFS Construction Victoria BC.


I’m Barrett Smith,  Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter (2003) and owner of Barrett Smith Construction. I’ve been working in construction in the Victoria area for over 20 years. My team and I are deeply committed to doing excellent work. We look for the highest quality materials to fit your budget and employ the best methods to get a job done. If we can deliver under our estimate, we do. We will always act in the best interest of your project.